Interior Plumbing


Drain Line Repair or Replacement.

Your drains inside your home are most likely outdated and incorrectly installed plumbing is prone to leak. With plumbing codes and materials highly improved. Galvanized and cast iron are what they used to use, surely going to fail. Plastic piping or PVC or AVS piping for drains is designed to last longer than we will be alive. In many cases, we can repair your leaking drain in a time efficient manner with no mess and no hassle. Whether we are moving plumbing for you or adding a drain line, plumbing Utah is the company you can trust to get the job done right the first time.

Water Pipes.

Your water distribution system is the main artery of your home or business. It is an integral part of sanitation and the functioning, well-being, your daily life. Our technicians will check your hardness and water pressure on arrival to your home or business, that is the first step that we take. If your water is too hard, we can install whole home filtration systems, water softeners. We can either make a simple repair or re-pipe your entire home.

Water Makes Water Hard?

the answer, the minerals in your water supply. The city’s water source varies in different areas. In your area, the water may be full of minerals or calcium with a hardness level the leaves all of your fixtures, dishes, faucets with a build up. Not only is this a nuisance, it also reduces the life of everything connected to your water supply. Have a hot water problem? We have the lowest rates in the state for a simple swap out of your old water heater, and in most cases can repair your problem without and expensive cost to you.

Tankless Water Heaters.

This is the way to go. We have the lowest rates in the valley and install only the best products With never a dissatisfied customer let Plumbing Utah install your tankless water heater today. This will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars for years to come off your gas and water bill. High efficiency, units, space saving, sometimes the size of a suitcase. Get rid of the old, leaking water heater and start saving money today.

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